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Digital Inspection

Digital or Computer Aided Inspection (CAI)

CAI is a paperless inspection method that compares a solid CAD models to the 3-D scanned part’s point-cloud. It may also be referred to as first article inspection. The advantage is that 3-D scanning can generate hundreds of thousands or millions of points, far more than the most sophisticated CMM touch probes. This process offers a quick and inexpensive way to inspect complex parts

The client’s solid CAD model can be registered to the point-cloud in one or two ways; at critical datum’s or using a best-fit algorithm. Color maps are then created showing the differences. Cross-sectional views showing exact dimensional differences assist in modifying either the CAD file or the tooling.






Cell Phone Inspection

Laser Scan of Cell Phone Body 

 CAD Model of Cell Phone

Point cloud of laser scan of cell

CAD model of cell

Registration and color map of digital comparison.

 Inspection Color Map